What’s a HashTag?

Monday, July 26, 2010 @ 06:07 PM


For those of you just getting in to Twitter you might have noticed these (#) funky little things in your friend’s tweets. The hashtag, as it’s called, is a word preceeded by a pound sign and is used to connect tweets by theme.

For example, if you’re tweeting about fitness you would end with the hashtag #fitness. Doing this would serve two purposes:

1.       Make this tweet searchable by the subject fitness

2.       Give your Tweet a greater chance for a RT and ultimately a new follower

There are tons and tons of different hashtags out there ranging from ridiculous (#crapsuperpowers) to the practical (#obama).  The best way to discover what hashtags work for you is to search for them on the Twitter search or a hashtag search database.

The BEST way to get your tweets out there and build a following is to use hashtags. So jump on the bandwagon and build your social media today.

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